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Hannah Hinsch graduated from Seattle Pacific University with her BA in English literature and a minor in fiction. Upon graduation, she was presented the McNichols Award for Scholarly Merit in the Humanities. Hannah has published essays in Cultural Consent, poems in Ekstasis and Amethyst Review, and has written for Image journal's ImageUpdate. She was the editorial intern at Image for two years.

Hannah finds that writing has always been a conversation—her work emerges in response to the word He has already spoken. She writes to witness, to be caught up in Him over and over again. She writes to be well.  Whether in the body of an essay, the stanza, or the sentence itself, writing creates space for an encounter with God, one that Hannah ardently engages in. Her final hope is that her work would be read not for her words but for God's presence in it.



"Poetry has a natural movement toward revelation. A joyous turn. In that moment of joy, I was turning toward my anxiousness rather than flying away from it, and that turn to the most painful part of me was a turn toward God. This continual turn is a realization unfolding in joy, wing over wing"

"Morrison’s example of what a black fiction writer should do should allow us to appreciate the work that fiction does, as well as the lessons she has for whoever wields a pen."

"Their faith in one another—and in the power of language to 'make it new' (in Pound’s words)—during war’s horror, when cathedrals were emptying and anonymous bodies were piled in unmarked graves, is something miraculous."

Ekstasis, February 2022 collection: 

Joy, a Shiver: On Poetry, Recovery, and Parakletos

Cultural Consent Vol. 1, iss. 8: 

"I Know How to Write Forever": Toni Morrison and Fiction as Being in the World

ImageUpdate, Thursday, November 21st, 2019: 


"A Profile of Friendship: T.S. Eliot and Ezra Pound"


Published Work 


"Circe," forthcoming from Flying Ketchup Press, included in Night Forest: Folk Poetry and Story, summer 2022

"Joy, a Shiver," Ekstasis, February 2022 

"Dogwood" and "A Lily Over Glass," Amethyst Review, summer 2021 

"Caryatid," Ekstasis, April 2021 



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