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Seattle-based writer
& student



A writer first grown at Seattle Pacific University, I was the editorial intern at Image for two years. My own poetry and prose has been published in Image, Cultural Consent, Amethyst Review, Ruminate, and Ekstasis. A current MFA candidate, I write essays at the meeting place of word and being, the image and its attendant charge, risen heat that sends a word in time and place and body, whether on the salt-soaked shores of Gig Harbor or the monsoon-warm of Santa Fe - and the grace to see

God standing there.


Image by Robbie Herrera


for more, visit my published work and blog!

I learn the rooms of his heart, its chambers and pathways, each breath an  expanding tide that never leaves the blood unchanged. Maybe, until we are ready, we are left outside that cool, clear revelation of him, like rain just outside the door. But for now, we only breathe. And wait.

Ekstasis, February 2023 collection, from

Dark Architecture 

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