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Seattle-based writer
& student



A writer first grown at Seattle Pacific University, I was the editorial intern at Image for two years. My own poetry and prose has been published in Image, Cultural Consent, Amethyst Review, Ruminate, and Ekstasis. A current MFA candidate, I write essays at the meeting place of word and being, the image and its attendant charge, risen heat that sends a word in time and place and body, whether on the salt-soaked shores of Gig Harbor or the monsoon-warm of Santa Fe - and the grace to see

God standing there.


For the past two years, I have served as a poetry mentor for the Pongo Poetry Project. Currently, we facilitate therapeutic writing with children ages 5-18 at the Child Study & Treatment Center. 

Gratefully, and with each encounter, I come to see how words hold us

at the point of our need,

bloom, change, 

well known,

a heart well held.

Thank you for being here.



for more, visit my published work and blog!

"Poetry has a natural movement toward revelation. A joyous turn. In that moment of joy, I was turning toward my anxiousness rather than flying away from it, and that turn to the most painful part of me was a turn toward God. This continual turn is a realization unfolding in joy, wing over wing"

Ekstasis, February 2022 collection, from
Joy, a Shiver: On Poetry, Recovery, and Parakletos

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